FAQ & Etiquette


Q. Why arent your donations listed on your website?

A. My donations don’t change regardless of city or area, I don’t list them for legal purposes BUT they are Always listed in my ad.

Q. Where can I find your Reviews

A. Look under The Erotic Review, my review # is 174916.  I also provide recent reviews  on my Review Page.

Q. What if I’m coming from work and don’t have time to shower or freshen my breath.

A. I provide a shower and ALL hygiene products including dental care.

Q. Are you GFE?

A. NO. I am a safety girl. PERIOD.  I kiss closed mouth and even that is a ymmv situation.

Q. What does this or that term mean….

A. Please google all BDSM terms you don’t  understand. Try the ‘Urban Dictionary’.

Q. Do you provide Outcalls to my home or hotel?

NO except if your in NYC, Las Vegas or Boston.

Q. Can I see you today

A. Yes, give me as much advance notice as possible and all screening will be done over the phone.

Q. Do you require other provider references.

A. No, I have my own way of screening.

Q. What are your age restrictions?

A. You MUST be over 21….Thats it !!

Q. Are those really your picture’s?

A. YES…I provide photos I take of myself and professional photos. NONE if my photos have been airbrushed or enhanced.

Q. Do you accept credit cards.

A. NO, but I do accept pre paid visa gift cards. Bring the receipt with the gift cards at the time of the session.

Q. I’m VERY discreet, how do I know you are?

A.  I Am ALWAYS concerned with your safety and discretion, I take care of every aspect of your concerns before you even arrive at your apointment and throughout your appointment.

Q. Do you provide a meet and greet?

A. NO. An appointment is Always required, My reviews should put you at ease and verify who I am.  My safety is my 1st concern.

Q. How do I give you the donation when I arrive for our session?

A. Just place the donation and any gift you brought for me on the 1st flat surface you see.  No envelope required.

Q. Do you provide travel companionship

A. Yes. I would make a great travel companion. I do have my passport and can be ready to go with a 2 week notice.



Please do NOT call me from a google voice, skype, or blocked number you will NOT be able to make an appointment with me.

Please dont call me if your not ready to make an appointment, any and all questions are answered on this website. I do NOT answer any detailed session questions over the phone.

Please Dont ask for my donation or tribute over the phone, it will always be in the ad

Please Arrive on time  as I will always be on time as well.

Dont be nervous or concerned with being new to seeing a provider.  I am VERY easy to deal with and offer alot of great tips to help you on your new journey.

I do NOT accept any barter for my services.  Gifts are appreciated but not expected.

When I ask you if you want to shower please dont sniff under your arms and tell me you think you should be “ok”.


Email: sensual.camille@yahoo.com